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ID Holder For Ketch Products Karbonate Bump Board

ID Holder For Ketch Products Karbonate Bump Board

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This model is for the plastic Ketch Karbonate series board only **

This is a must have for all catch and release tournament anglers! Securely hold your tournament tag in plain view without any hassle or additional stress on your fish. By simply sliding the id holder up your bump board to install it, you'll no longer have to worry about placing your ID card in view of your fish pictures, while hoping the wind doesn't blow it or the fish doesn't flop.

This simple upgrade saves you invaluable time while in tournaments and prevents the possibility of having a fish disqualified from poor pictures.

This ID holder is designed to be a tight fit on your bump board, preventing it from sliding around or coming off.

The stainless clip locks into place and securely holds your ID. A spare latch is also included, should you lose the original or prefer two clips on the holder.

This item is 3D printed, so layer lines and minor imperfections are to be expected. They are purely cosmetic and do not affect the function or strength of the part.

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