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Folding Kayak Transducer Arm Mount - Livescope & 2D Sonar

Folding Kayak Transducer Arm Mount - Livescope & 2D Sonar

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If your looking for the newest and best value FFS Kayak mount on the market, look no further. This simple, lightweight design folds out of the way when not in use, and easily deploys your forward facing or 2D sonar with a turn of the tension knob. This item comes with a standard 3/4 adapter which allows you to use your existing trolling motor transducer bracket to mount your live imaging units. Select the 2D adapter option if you plan to use this with any other standard transducer, equipped with your existing flat transom mount.

Adjust the transducer depth in shallow water or stow it in the up position while moving to a new spot to reduce drag. Pull the pin from the handle at the end of the day or remove the mount from your kayak track and your transducer is out of harms way while trailering. Once you place your handle onto your PVC pipe, you will need to drill it out to fit the pin. A 5/16th hole or larger is required.


This item is 3D printed out of PETG material which is ideal for outdoor use. Layer lines and minor cosmetic imperfections are to be expected.

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